The Bonebell has seen a flurry of activity recently – including a few wins! and personal instruction from two world champions! – and we want to share our stories with you! Enjoy!!


joeyTWOwheels (Joe Doyle) @ LaBagh CX / Masters 45+ / Chicago, IL

The CCC is so organized, I knew it would run on time and call ups would be flawless, which they were. After zero warmup (because I need to plan on two hours early with the kids), I toe’d the line in 39th spot (out of 82). “Good luck” sent to all around me, whistle, fast, stop, go, lots of elbows and subtle nudges like I was playing hockey. To be honest, I wasn’t used to that and it threw me off for at least one lap. I let about ten racers pass me, but then slowly picked them off one at a time in the straights.

It was great to hear the cheers from Camp Bonebell – who doesn’t love a friendly face? Especially on fast, flat sections where we’re all on the gas. My favorite were the twisties that took plenty of concentration to keep my pedals moving through the corners. Overall I give the course a B- with hits for low technical effort and no real elevation (I heard a section with the runup was required to be removed).

Nice first day of racing. I finished in 36th place, ahead of where I started the day, which made me happy. The kids were amazed by the speed and amount of racers in their first “big kid” (full course) race. I was very proud of their efforts and attitude on the day. Practice is in their future for sure, much more of it for all of us.

[Editor’s Note: Joe was one of the ChiCrossCup founders and race director for the first two years!]

Doyles after the Juniors race!

Doyles after the Juniors race!

Doyle twins with the Svens!

Doyle twins with the Svens!

El Maya (Paolo Urizar) @ LaBagh CX / Mens 123 / Chicago, IL

First cross race of year
Large ambition for pain cave
Destruction not near

Green Lightning!

Paolo Green Lightning!

Tiber braaaaaap!

Tiber braaaaaap!

Tiberculosis (Tiber Scheer) @ LaBagh CX / Masters 45+ / Chicago, IL

Not a hard course by any means but fun all the while. As the second race of the day, even with pre-rides, the course was still a little slick. There were plenty of opportunities to fishtail out on the turny course. Punching out and up of one of the twisted sections I compressed my front tire into the rim and performed a front side endo (bent shifter and derailleur fixed on spot). Lost my lead on my group but was able to chase back to them. Mistaking the 2nd to last lap as the last, went hard into the finishing straight and blew up near the line to find there was one more lap. Recovered a bit through the team tents area, chased again and finished not last (but 2nd to last). Next week – check that tire pressure, watch lap counter, get more rad.

Brett's first WORS race. Photo: Amy Dykema

Brett’s first WORS race. Photo: Amy Dykema

Ratocaster (Brett Ratner) @ WORS Treadfest / Cat 2 Sport Men / Lake Geneva, WI

Treadfest was my first WORS race but it won’t be my last! It was extremely well-organized, offered a challenging and fun course, a happy party atmosphere, and the level of competition was well above my expectations. In fact, I’d compare the lower-level “Sport” category to category 3 in the Chicago ‘Cross Cup. These were some serious and experienced riders. Better yet – they were polite, communicative, and professional during the race. If you’re looking for a challenge in the summertime, the Wisconsin Off Road Series is worth a look!

Lincoln Scheer @ The Svens Are Coming! Cyclocross Clinic / Chicago, IL

I’m Lincoln, one of the newest members of The Bonebell and I wanted to share my thoughts on a recent cyclocross clinic I was able to participate in taught by Sven Nys and Sven Vanthourenhout, hosted by xXx Racing, benefiting The Peter Ombregt Scholarship Fund. The clinic started with us doing 4 warm up laps on a sketchy course, followed by some barrier drills which had us hopping on and off our bikes to best of our ability. Most of us, including myself, were trying not to look like amateurs in front of our world champion teachers. After that we did some start drills and we tested if my derailleur could win the war against a Sven-style start, and let’s just say it lost. Next, it was time to do some dismounts and remounts. The Svens pulled 2-3 riders to the side and had them demonstrate how they were doing their dismounts wrong.

I’ve been racing cross for about 5 years now and have attended many other clinics taught by mostly local riders who have given me tips and pointers on how to be as efficient as possible. The major thing that I learned at this clinic was their timing of a dismount; waiting to completely dismount your bike until you are about one inch in front of the barrier. That was the most tricky and daunting task that the Svens had us do.

The four hours with the Svens went by quickly. I was ultimately happy that I attended and will keep working on my newly learned skills.

Lincoln honing CX skills with the Svens!

Lincoln sharpening his CX skills with the Svens!

Nevada Dave & friend Dave Ashby - see story below!

Nevada Dave & friend Dave Ashby – see story below!

Nevada Dave (Dave Norton) @ Hopewell MTB Challenge / Expert Men / Danville, PA

Here is a rundown of just what the heck happened last weekend. I worked late and hard on Wednesday leading up to the Saturday race. It’s physical work, ya know. At the last minute I see that there’s a race bout 7 minutes drive from my Mom’s house on Saturday. Weekends and holidays just mean work faster and harder for me, so I thought “aaaaah I can’t do it” just like all of the other cool stuff people do all the time on weekends and holidays. BUT! as a strange twist of fate would have it, I was able to switch with another coworker to be able to come in at 1PM on Saturday instead of 8AM. With the race starting at 8:30AM, I figured I’d have to ride like the olympian with the big-assed mustache in order to make it anywhere close to getting to work on time with a 4 hour drive back to Pittsburgh from the venue. [Editor’s Note: So he did – and WON the Expert class! Dave doesn’t like to toot his own horn so we’ll do it for him. This story is soooo #legendofnevadadave]

Some bullet points……

  • I got to see Mom, chow at Perkins, and have wonderful warm conversation.
  • Went into race tired, drove Friday morning, arrived at noon, left noon Saturday after shower at Mom’s.
  • Drove 4 hours, worked til 11PM, lifting thousands of pounds as usual, and talking with hundreds of people, as usual.
  • Small expert field – only 5! First year for this Race, second year for the trail system… AWESOME…
  • 3 laps, 19 something miles, 24 hundred something FT elevation… PA BABY!
  • First trail name is Hopper Hill, very short but sUUper steep, and has a toilet on it.
  • Nuther is the big Banana. It’s 3 Ravines, but 100 feet each swoop! Hang onto your hat AND Brake levers!!
  • Race will be held every Sat before Labor Day. Trails are so nice, parking so huge… this will be a bigger race every year!!
  • Race organizer is a super great man. Chip timing, parking, music, food. !!!! Hopewell Challenge – BE THHHHHEEEERE!

My friend Dave Ashby raced today. This was his FIRST race. I’ll say it again… his FIRST race… been riding MTB bout 26 years. Pure Pleasure. He rides rides rides and maintains trail, and rides more. But most notably Dave rode with me all over Ithaca Mountains bout 1995 in rain and mud with bout 12 other dudes, and when it got dark, we streaked through Cornell University and into town on mountain bikes, with one of our crew sliding out in front of plenty of audience. Went to hospital for stitches, no insurance, and he didn’t have to pay cuz we was so cool and goofy… The bored overnighters at the hospital loved our story. Ride on Ride on!

Other recent team activity….

LaBagh CX
• Becky Mikrut – Womens 123
• Kim Scheer – Womens 4
• Sadie Scheer – Juniors 9-14

Relay Cross
• Andrew Giniat – 123 & Co-Ed (WINNER x 2!!)
• Anthony Mikrut – Co-Ed
• Becky Mikrut – Co-Ed & Womens Open
• Joe Doyle – Relay Roulette
• Kim Scheer – Co-Ed
• Lincoln Scheer – Co-Ed, Juniors & Relay Roulette
• Sadie Scheer – Co-Ed & Juniors
• Tiber Scheer – Co-Ed & Relay Roulette

Night Bison
• Amy Dykema – Open
• Andrew Baldyga – Open
• Paolo Urizar – Open

Chicago Triathlon
• Amy Weik – Olympic Relay (Bike)
• Greg Heck – Olympic Relay (Bike)

• Eleanor Blick – Riding ALL OVER with IMBA!

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