Help Build Big Marsh

Chicago has long been known for living up to it’s credo of being a City in a Garden by way of its Latin motto ‘Urbs in Horto’. This is the commitment the City has sought to keep green space as available as possible and allowing communities to thrive in an urban setting while maintaining the roots of nature that surround our community. The Chicago Park District has achieved this goal by weaving a social fabric from various cultures, recreation, sport, and relaxation. They are constantly improving via new ideas and thoughtful leadership – and Big Marsh is the next evolution of that great spirit.

Join with us and the Friends of Big Marsh in the campaign to bring a world class eco-recreation bike park to Southeast Chicago. It is an opportunity for everyone to get involved at an individual or business level with clear goals emphasized at each leg of our fundraising journey. This is not a project that will billow away in the Windy City, but one that will thrive from the cycling, recreation, and nature-loving communities to make a difference in an area that previously had no hope to recover from industrial growth.

This is your chance to bring something truly unique and special to the Pullman communities that were once the backbone of Chicago success – to revive it, and make a highlight of recreation and excitement for the cycling disciplines of cyclocross, mountain biking, and family riding – in addition to a variety of other activities. Your donation dollars will be multiplied because others believe in the vision as much as we do. That’s right, all donations will be matched, not once but TWICE, by a generous donor who believes you will take the journey to see this through.

TAKE ACTION: Donate and spread the word. Chicago is going to get a world-class bike park built!

Big Marsh


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