Chicago Women’s CX Fund to Cover Sunday Registration Fee for Overnight Upgrades in Women’s Field

On November 5 it was officially announced that Ten 27 Cycling Club and Spidermonkey Cycling will present two days of 2013 Illinois State Championship races on Saturday and Sunday, December 7 and 8, at Chicago’s Montrose Harbor. The new two-day format offers category 4 women the unique opportunity to race Saturday, upgrade to category 3, and race again Sunday.

The Chicago Women’s CX Fund will cover the Sunday registration fee for all category 4 women who race the Women’s 4 race Saturday, upgrade, and race the Women’s 123 race Sunday. The fund is thrilled by the possibility of welcoming so many new faces to the Women’s 123 field for the most competitive local race of the year and would love to see record-breaking attendance in Sunday’s women’s race!

Newly upgraded ladies would join the many mid-season upgrades who have boasted impressive results in Women’s 123 races throughout the season. Furthermore, Chicago Cyclocross Cup series standings for category 4 women will be finalized as of Saturday’s race, so women who upgrade will not lose titles or awards in the category 4 series standings.

Any category 4 women interested and eligible in racing both days should contact their USA Cycling upgrade coordinator by December 1 with their intention to upgrade between the December 7 and December 8 races. To be registered for Sunday’s Women’s 123 race, please send the fund an email with your name and USAC license number by Wednesday, December 3 at 12 p.m. Please do not register for Sunday’s race via Contact the Chicago Women’s CX Fund with any additional questions.

The Chicago Women’s CX Fund was created to raise money during the 2012 cyclocross season to equalize Women’s 123 payouts with Men’s 123 payouts for the Chicago Cyclocross Cup series. The Fund was so strongly supported by the cyclocross community that it was also able to offer prize parity at the 2013 New Year’s Resolution UCI C-2 races. The Chicago Cyclocross Cup series equalized standard minimum payouts for the elite fields in 2013.

Women’s 123 field at CCC #5, Carpentersville 2013 / Photo by SnowyMountain Photography


  1. […] – Speaking of Montrose, the Chicago Women’s CX Fund will cover Sunday registration fees at the 2013 Illinois State Championships for any Women Category 4 who races Saturday, upgrades, and then races Women Category 1/2/3 on Sunday. Details on how to double-up are here. […]