Photo: Snowy Mountain Photography

Stiggity / 30+
Having never had what I considered a good race at Sunrise Park, I approached this race with a little caution. As it turned out the course they ran this year was excellent, a couple of corners were all the way awesome, and the bunny hop logs were great fun. A third row start bestows only possibilities, not the promise of position with a front row start. After a good start, seemingly no loss or gain in position, I set to work. Towards the end of the first lap, the legs were giving good signs. This is the place where they very often complain the most for me. So I heeded the signs and let the engine run. This was one of the most competitive races I have been in for quite some time. The entire race was back and forth with riders. In groups and out of groups, rode away then caught, then ride away again. It is so much fun to have great competition as opposed to a time trial. On the last lap riding with one other rider, I attacked. Unfortunately it was too early, and lacked conviction. As I entered the last corner, I left the door open and was passed. With everything I had on the throttle I tried to get around for 8th place, to no avail. 9th Place in a very hard fought race was a most excellent surprise.

‘Ol Dirty Blickster / Women’s Pro/1/2 – WCA Series, Washington Park
Milwaukee’s Velo Trocadero Halloween race has a little bit of everything: good climbs, fast descents, a run-up, off-camber stuff, root-filled twisty sections, pavement, natural barriers and A-line/ B-line features. Plus it’s a two-minute walk to the house I grew up in, so I had a warm place to relax. The course was dry and very bumpy. While warming up I had a hard time feeling confident in the dusty turns, but was able to shake my fear and stay lose and rhythmic in the race.

Our eight-person race was a very strong group, and a crash after the barriers split the field and sent me off the back earlier than expected. The cat 3 women started 30 seconds later and a group of three was a few seconds back by the end of lap one, led by Katie Isermann of Psimet. When Katie came around during the second lap I held my position firm, hoping to give her a gap in the lead. But by the end of the lap when she hadn’t taken off, I knew she wasn’t feeling her best. I stuck with Katie the rest of the race, giving her some pulls through the strong wind and helping her snag some upgrade points in the cat 3 while I came in seventh in the pro/1/2. I was surprised I was able to keep steady pace with the leaders of the cat 3 race, who have been consistently kicking my butt in the ChiCrossCup. Home field advantage, perhaps.

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