September 24, 2013

U.S. Juniors Josey Weik and Gavin Haley to represent Red Zone Cycling in European Race Tour

Chicago, IL – Midwest Juniors Josey Weik (Duluth, MN) and Gavin Haley (Louisville, KY) are two of the best up-and-coming cyclocross racers in the United States. They have consistently placed well in regional races, and Nationals. They attended the USAC invite-only summer cross camp for the last two years in Montana, and Josey attended the most recent EuroCrossCamp in Belgium.

As they’ve gained experience, these budding juniors quickly recognized that racing against the best makes you faster, and have been repeatedly told by knowledgeable people in the sport that they need to be racing in Europe. So along with the support of their parents, coaches, team and several generous sponsors, they are making it happen!

Red Zone Cycling was founded and is headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky. Red Zone Cycling has been named USAC Junior Club of the year multiple times – and they have organized a program of fall racing in the epicenter of cyclocross for the boys in Europe. The idea behind this project is to give young Americans as much high level competition exposure as possible. The schedule for Josey and Gavin is still in the works but the target races have been identified:

  • September: Regional races in respective locales
  • October 06: Providence Cyclocross Festival USA
  • October 20: UCI World Cup #1 Valkenburg NED
  • October 27: Superprestige Ruddervoorde BEL
  • November 01: Bpost Bank Trofee Koppenbergcross BEL
  • November 03: Superprestige Zonhoven BEL
  • November 10: Superprestige Hamme-Zogge BEL
  • November 11: Jaarmarktcross Niel BEL
  • November 16: Bpost Bank Trofee Hasselt BEL
  • November 17: Superprestige Gavere BEL

This block of racing will be a new and exciting adventure for U.S. Junior Cyclocross. It is possible that no U.S. Junior Team has done this type of campaign outside of EuroCrossCamp. Upon returning to the states, the boys will take a short break to compete in their respective State Championships before preparing for EuroCrossCamp, Nationals, and hopefully the World Championships.

… And they are off to a great start, trading wins in the Men’s 2/3 at the Trek Cyclocross Collective Cup this past weekend in Waterloo, Wisconsin!

Sponsors on board to generously support Josey and Gavin in this endeavor are Intelligentsia Coffee, Focus Bikes, HED Cycling, Challenge Tires, Lazer Helmets, Enzo’s Cycling Products, and APEX Physical Therapy – without whom this rite of passage would not be possible.

However, additional funding is still needed. The boys are selling t-shirts and donations can be made via GoFundMe. Red Zone Cycling is a not-for-profit organization and donations are tax-deductible.

Gavin Haley & Josey Weik racing at Trek CXC Cup 2013
Josey Weik (L) & Gavin Haley (R) racing at 2013 Trek Cyclocross Collective Cup / Photo: Gary Smits

Get updates and follow their journey –
Josey: and @bikerboy_weiker (Twitter)
Gavin: and @Hoppin_Haley (Twitter)
Red Zone Elite Cycling Team Facebook page

Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea is a coffee roasting company and retailer with its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. Intelligentsia has several cafe retail locations throughout the Chicago area, Los Angeles and New York. The company was founded in 1995 by Doug Zell and Emily Mange. Intelligentsia prides itself on working closely with farmers around the world to get the purest and tastiest coffee possible.

FOCUS Bikes is an international brand that covers the entire spectrum of sport and racing bikes. We design bikes for top athletes, recreational racers and promising young talents – all of whom find high quality at an outstanding price-to-performance ratio. The FOCUS motto is »By Pros, for Pros«, because we work with our sponsored athletes to develop cutting-edge designs that help competitive cyclists of all abilities go faster, finish stronger and climb onto the podium.

HED Cycling are the aerodynamic pioneers in the world of cycling. Always at the forefront of innovation our wheels are the most advanced in their field. In 1984 our products first started to push the boundaries of product design. The introduction of the first disc wheel at the start of the 1980’s signaled our arrival in to the world of performance cycling. Ever since, our wheels have continued to evolve year upon year. It is this constant evolution that has resulted in products that are optimally adapted to today’s racing and riding conditions.

Challenge Tires technology builds upon the expansive history of tubular tires to produce professional-grade tires for the highest level of competition. Since the end of the 19th Century the cycling industry has trusted tubular tires, and those at the top of the sport still use nothing else. Challenge Products are available in the most important markets through a network of selected distributors and the company attends all major bike shows worldwide.

Lazer Helmets are more than just mandatory headgear. First and foremost they are brain protection, but they should also look good, be comfortable to wear and give you real value for money. We are constantly looking at ways to improve our products in every important area, from comfort to ease of use, from protection to visibility. We have made many such improvements this year and we hope that you will discover them very soon.

Enzo’s Cycling Products was founded by, Enzo, a passionate endurance athlete, bicycle racer and entrepreneur who had an idea: create a superior chamois cream for a lower cost. High quality chamois creams were overpriced and value brands were made of crummy, often irritating ingredients with average performance. So he set out to develop the best quality chamois cream for the price of the value brand. Thus Enzo’s Cycling Products was born.

Apex Physical Therapy was founded in 2004 by Patrick Myers. From the beginning, the concept was to create a comfortable clinic where the patient’s needs were priority. We strive to help patients achieve their health and wellness goals through medically managed fitness and orthopedic care.

The Bonebell is an off-road cycling advocacy group for the Chicagoland area that provides an online resource for people looking for the alternative to riding and racing on the road. Our mission is to increase awareness of off-road cycling in the Chicagoland area and benefiting non-for-profit organizations that make it possible to do so.

Gavin & Josey Focus Bikes Gavin Haley & Josey Weik
Trek CXC Cup 2013 Mens 2-3 Podium Day 1 Cross Tour T-Shirt 2013 Gavin Haley & Josey Weik racing at Trek CXC Cup 2013


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