Illinois Women’s Cyclists Meetup / Women’s Dirt Days 2013 / Ray’s MTB Women’s Weekend

The newly-formed Illinois Women’s Cyclists had their first official meetup last night at Bangers & Lace. There was a great turnout with gals representing all forms of riding and racing. Exciting things are happening in women’s cycling in Chicagoland and we at The Bonebell are always ready to preach the dirtbag gospel to anyone who will listen!

Speaking of the ladies, the 2013 Women’s Dirt Days dates have been posted! Women’s Dirt Days are a series of group mountain bike rides held at local Chicagoland and nearby Wisconsin trails throughout the summer months. It’s a perfect event for women of all skill levels to meet up, enjoy friendly, non-competitive rides and get some time on the trail. These dirt days are specifically for women to encourage, promote, and rally the female dirtbag contingent by providing an opportunity to learn mountain biking skills in a group ride setting. Attention is given to skills, trail advice, and even racing talk.

Related, next weekend is Women’s Weekend at Ray’s Indoor MTB Park in Milwaukee. A number of gals from Chicago are headed up for the Friday Skills Clinics – join us! Registration is not required but if you are planning to rent a bike from Ray’s (many of us do as special dirt jump bikes are preferred), it’s probably a good idea. (Call to reserve a bike.) And if you are looking for a ride and/or riding buddies, RSVP on the Illinois Women’s Cyclists event page.

Sub-9 Death March / Barry-Roubaix / Iceman Cometh

This Saturday is the Sub-9 Death March where teams of two compete to be the first to reach a select list of historical cemeteries in and around the Hoosier National Forest. Mountain bikes, death, endurance, METAL – The Bonebell APPROVES! Registration closes at 12PM ET this Wednesday – you know what to do.

Expanded and enhanced for 2013, Barry-Roubaix is in 2 1/2 weeks and has just under 200 of the 3,000 entry spots left. There’s a huge Chicago contingent heading up as per previous years, and The Bonebell knows that some of our pals are out for wins! (Or consolation of podium spots…) Will you be among them? It’s time to get yo gravel on!

Did you get in on registration for Iceman 2013 before they closed in 32 minutes last Friday? Registration went off without a hitch, due in part to the smooth moves at USA Cycling. Several Bonebellers will be tolling up yonder later this year.


Speaking of the Bonebell crew, we have expanded for 2013 to include some well-known local racers – longtime friends and ex-teammates Jeff Holland (who raced cross for us last season) and Jason Alvarado (newly returned to Chicago), and keeping us from “masters team” status is Ellie Blick (who will split her race time with our friends at Johnny Sprockets). And for the first time we are officially a USA Cycling registered team!


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