I consider Louisville my second home.  My parents were born and raised in Louisville, and I have lots of family still in the area.  I get down to Louisville a few times a year and always try to check out different spots in the city.  Louisville has changed a bunch over the past decade, and like a lot of mid-size cities there has been a new interest in Downtown living.  This has given rise to neighborhoods like New Louisville, NuLu for short, and with it lots of galleries, bars and restaurants.  There are also other neighborhoods like the Highlands that have been happening for as longs as I can remember, with lots of cool shops and eateries.  The Highlands are what I would describe as a mix of Wicker Park and Lincoln Park depending which area you are in.  If you roll over the Highlands make sure to check our Cherokee Park.  Park was designed by Frederick Law Olmstead, designer of New York’s Central Park.   The park also has  over 12 miles of singletrack, right in the middle of the city.  We should be so lucky here in Chicago.  Louisville has a truly great park system, and as you will see at Worlds, a permanent cyclocross venue.  Other older neighborhoods like Germantown have some hidden gems.  I will be posting recommendations from some real locals in the coming days, but for now, in an effort steer friends of The Bonebell to some good local spots here is a list of some of my favorites in Louisville and the surrounding area.  Enjoy, and whenever possible please eat and drink local.


Against the Grain

Hosting a couple cyclocross related parties during the week, including our own, Against the Grain looks like it may be the epicenter of cyclocross fun in Louisville.  The brewery is located between downtown and the cross venue, so it will be a great location for eating/drinking before and after the races.  The Brewery has several of their own beers on tap, as well as a solid bourbon selection, and some great barbecue.


Sunergos Coffee 

Sunergos has a few locations in Louisville and is my favorite local coffee shop.  Pick up a pound to take home with you.  The coffee is top notch.


Heine Brothers

Heine Brothers is slowly becoming the Starbucks of Louisville.  Not in the quality, but the fact that every time I go back it seems like a new one is popping up.



Eiderdown is located in Germantown.  They have a great menu, serving  German staples as well as some local favorites.



Located in a residential neighborhood, in the lower level of a house.  I have no doubt that people will question my choice when they walk up to the restaurant, but trust me they serve some awesome barbecue.  The place is really small so get there early or grab a seat at the bar.


New Albanian

Don’t be afraid to cross the Ohio River.  There are some great places and just a short drive away.  The New Albanian has two locations and is also a brewery.  Their own beers are excellent and both locations have great guest drafts.    The Bank Street Brewhouse is in Downtown New Albany and has a wider variety of food, while the Pizzeria and pub serves a killer pie.


Garage Bar

Garage Bar is a fairly new restaurant located in NuLu.  The restaurant is an old gas station .  If cyclocross happened in summer months the outdoor area would be a lot of fun with outdoor table tennis.  Of course cyclocross happens in the cold months so the food will have to suffice.  The menu has an interesting mix of wood fired pizza, oysters and local hams.  Seems like a weird combo but it works.


Toast on Market

Also located in NuLu Toast is a popular breakfast spot.  Solid breakfast offering with a few local favorites included.  Toast can get busy on weekends.


Sergio’s World Beers

Huge Beer Selection, enough said.  Oh, and within a few blocks of the race venue.


Holy Grail

Holy Grail is located in the Highlands.  Besides this spot there are a ton of other offerings in the area.   They also own the http://louisvillebeerstore.com/ which is located in Nu Lu and has a large selection of beers (local and beyond).


Come Back Inn

The Come Back Inn doesn’t try to say they are authentic  Italian, but more of the Italian-American varietal.  So if you are looking for a red sauce type of meal the Come Back Inn can’t be beat.



  1. Joxua on Thursday 24, 2013

    Louisville is my second home as well. I am there a few days a week. You failed to mention Rye, Meat, Please and Thank You, and Quills. Best coffee in town: Quills (on Baxter) and Please and Thank You (on Market). Best bartender in town: Scott @ Rye. Doug @ Rye is also great. Bradley over at Meat will take care of you as well. Meat just got rated top 50 bar for cocktails in the World. And if you are looking to channel some “Big Star” from Chi-town, check out Silver Dollar on Frankfort and Pope. Great bar, great southern food. One of its original backers was associated with Big Star. As such, the booths and bathroom will look eerily familiar.

  2. DaDoubleG on Thursday 24, 2013

    Thanks Josh! There are so many good spots in Louisville. I hope people visiting for Worlds give themselves some extra time to check out the city.

  3. Cxmom on Thursday 24, 2013

    Our pro ‘cross friends love the bagels we always have when we provide host housing. Find great New York style bagels @.Nancy’s Bagels. It’s also just a few blks from the venue, corner of Frankfort Ave & Vernon Ave.