Half Acre/CAMBr Trail Day

Palos Forest Preserve – July 1, at 9:00.

Work on trails, ride bikes, drink beer…day well spent. Leave the flip flops at home, bring some bugspray and sun screen. Tools, lunch, and beer (for the big kids) will be provided. This will be a great chance to do some good for the trails with some great people. Deets will be here.


LumberJack 100

One of the perennial favorite races of the year for the Bonebell is the Lumberjack 100. Great conditions, near perfect temperatures and a crazed local in a van with a howling wolf on the side blasting BTO on the radio…sounds like our kind a guy, minus the whole F U get off my road part. Our friend Cletus was pissed then confused, and then when sorrounded by 300 cyclists going almost thirty mph he was insane. He even started to back up…reverse, in a sea of cyclists (cue the video and watch for the van in the middle of the road with the racers going by). Well forget Cletus if you can, the big news was the men’s race winner. Bonebell friend and international man of mystery Barry Wicks dropped in and laid a river of smackdown on the hills of the Manistee National Forest. He attacked in the third lap and scorched the Northern Michigan course posting a course record 6:27:19. That’s 15.5mph YO! On dirt for more than six hours. Yeah big dude way to rock it out. The Carbo Rocket, Brad Keyes, blasted to a top 10, 7th place spot in the singlespeed category a full 43 minutes faster than last year…Hells to the yeah nice work.


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