Black Partridge Open

The Illinois Homegrown Series race #3 on the season is this Sunday the 20th in Metamora. It’s a really twisty turny trail that plunges down and jumps out of a series of ravines. Never straight for more than a few seconds, this constant relentless changes in direction and elevation will have you second guessing those huge 29er wheels. If it’s wet your brake pads will not thank you. But then again, they are brake pads, and they live to stop those wheels from turning. So, maybe they will thank you for the opportunity to keep you out of yet another ravine. Do you brakes a favor and go race, they got your back.


The Trifecta Ride

The Kentucky Derby was last week. If you didn’t get your fill of the wagering of horses galloping on dirt, you can bet on the Trifecta Ride in Grand Rapids, Mi for a good ride. The West Michigan Mountain Bike Association has an ambitious plan to create 50 miles of single track in 5 years. The Trifecta Ride is a fundraiser for this initiative. Think about it as a Barry Roubaix route with an extra 20+ miles of singletrack. Saturday, May 19th.


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