Spring has officially sprung. Yes, we know it showed up a month or so early, but now it is officially here. And with spring comes some of the best rides of the year. The season is young and the miles are all well earned. The bonebell is doing a ride out to the Two Brother’s Tap House in Warrenville. Our ride will have two objectives; ride as much dirt as possible on the way out, and have a great lunch and a brew or two when we get to our destination. This will be our an attempt to find as much dirt as possible on the way out west. We will have two points of contact to join the ride. One will be in the city at a location to be shared soon. The other location will be out west at the Ottawa Trail Woods just east of Harlem and 47th.  It’s April, some of us want to break legs…But, it’s April, some of us still haven’t exercised those legs.

We don’t expect to hammer, it’s an endurance paced ride, but since everybody’s fitness level will vary – we will do our best to keep the group together. Expect endurance pace to be about 18-20 mph averages. We highly recommend that you consider a cross bike with low tread or some big ass roubaix style road tires. Dirt is the objective, but we will not be doing a loop at Palos or anything like that. But if all goes well, we may even ford a creek, using our bikes as a crutch.  The objective is a roaming search for dirt, but there is no shortage of pavement on the way to the scattered dirt patches. But be warned, when to dirt sections appear you will be happy you brought your big tires…Unless you didn’t.  Safety is in numbers and since this ride is open to anyone who’d like to join – please be very prepared to be self sufficient as much as possible! If you haven’t ridden longer than 30 miles before – this may not be the ride to start out with, with the pace and the distance of this ride – expect at least 80 miles, and well north of 100 if you ride in from the city. The Tap House opens at Noon, it should take about 3.5 hours to get there, a lunch, and just under 3 hours to get back to the city.

    Bring – Sufficient nutrition and hydration, identification card, credit/debit card, some small cash, at least two tubes, a frame pump or CO2 pump, tire levers, and good attitude.


Don’t forget your bottle of Half Evil, we might not get home before dark.

Stay tooned for further details.

Sunday April 15th – We will be leaving the city in the hour of 8.

Because we would like to have a number that we can give to the Tap House on how many people to expect, please rsvp on our facebook post.

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