Norge Ski JUmp Cross Race

Rob Curtis and his PSI Met crew are hosting the Norge Ski Jump Cross Race SATURDAY November 19th, in what is definitely one of the most unique settings in the state. The race is not part of the ChiCrossCup Series, but don’t let that fool you, this is going to be one hell of a course. The site is home of the only ski jumping park in the state. You need really steep hills for a ski jump right? Well, that means a really steep hill for a cross course that is being installed. Some of our skinny tired friends will know this area as the site of the Fox River Grove Criterium. I don’t really know that much about crits, but this has to be one of the most grueling crierium courses in the country. So that said, if you go on Saturday, be prepared to clean the dirt off the tongue you’ve been dragging in the dirt for the past 45 minutes or so. Hopefully Marty the Viking will make a special appearance to heckle you. Prereg for this race has been a little light, but the prizes on offer are well beyond average. With such small fields you should be able to scoop up some winnings even after you experience the agony of defeat.

Ted’s Excellent Double track Adventure

The bonebell has received a communique from the Boyaux Bandit and the Bergermeister. What they have told us about their course has made us very happy…Singletrack (both kinds, up and down)…When the bonebell hears that word we get that special feeling in a special place. Yep our minds drift to shredding the gnar gnar. What special place did you think we were talking about, yah sicko. Doubletrack…Sandpits…Sledding Hills…Stair run ups and a TeePee.. a proper effen teepee in the middle of the course to ride around. But don’t get any ideas about taking a nap in that thing or going on some kind of vision quest while you hang upside down from eagle claws, you are still in the middle of a bike race. If you are really lucky, they might send us through the middle of a live archery range. They will be hosting the race at the YMCA Camp Duncan in Ingleside, IL on SUNDAY November 20th. It’s not close, but as most of you know, when the Flatlandia crew put their name on a race, they do it right. Hey Wisconsin, if you cross the cheddar curtain, you can race for $10. That’s right we value our neighbors to the north so highly, that if you make the trip, you get the Cheddar Discount. For Real, I have it from word on high that if you flash a valid id, you get the $10 special. No word on if you actually need to bring any gorgonzola or not, but stinky cheese is always appreciated.

Two races. Two different courses. Both sound like they favor the dirtbags, looks like a good pile of goo piled on a plate, grab a fork, this weekend might get sloppy. Pray for rain… Seriously, I don’t want to rake any more leaves this weekend.

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