There was a gentleman who wanted to take a walk on what is regarded the longest avenue in Chicago, so he did. Armed with his camera, a pair of comfortable shoes, and a bottle of water – he walked the length of Western Ave. from a south point practically all the way north through to Lincoln Square. He admired his journey and spoke fondly of Chicago, and through some creative photo documentation, provided a glimpse that only a foot traveler would notice as Chicago’s gems along his journey. He must have been so inspired in his ambulatory adventure that the next logical step was a bicycle.

I met him shortly after having read about his Chicago escapade, an unassuming kind natured fellow who had a serious thirst for learning about bicycle racing. He volunteered heavily with the cycling club he joined, and was quick to help administrate a lot of the management functions behind the scenes. He registered to become a USA Cycling Level 3 coach, quickly moving to a Level 2, and started blogging about the experience of bicycle racing to preach his newfound love to his friends. His interaction with both the team he served, and the cycling community was a breath of fresh air to the racing community as the information he provided was from the perspective of someone who was doing and not just preaching. He garnered many fans and support for providing the opportunity for a wealth of information to be catalogued and ready for public consumption and is widely considered the de facto site to review as an incoming freshman to the Category 5 fold. Speaking of categories, in a matter of four solid years of dedication to the sport, he moved from a Category 5, to 4, to 3, and now 2 – staring at the potential to reach the ultimate category of ‘1’. His dedication to the sport further increased his participation to drive the vision of his once elite struggling club – into a force to be reckoned with in every category with a finite structure of how to elevate through the ranks of which he himself represents the Elite level of the road team. He honed his programming skills by way of improving his team’s website. He even provided a legal and fun gambling outlet for cyclists to enjoy throughout the year, challenging odds and providing a safe at work outlet to further interact with the growing cycling kinships His photographs have provided a fan’s perpsective and received acclaim for capturing the excitement of the sport. His participation in the most well known Chicago CX coffeebook has cemented his capability to capture the spirit of the sport. His personal career, working for a major publication, has allowed him some inlet to further highlight his passion when it was convenient – further growing the city’s interest in cycling activities.

I’ve personally witnessed this friend go to the mattresses on tough issues that both affect the inclusiveness and divisiveness of the bicycle racing community. His soft spoken nature beguiles the tenacity he has proven to conduct professionally on the race course. It is sometimes visible in his chipped tooth grin – the reminder that he is willing to sacrifice self for the sake of reaching the next personal limit. He has fielded a likely amount of tens of thousands of e-mails – asking for more information, advice, and ideas to help bring to fruition. He handles them all with equal friendliness and aplomb, testament to a kind individual. He has been loyal to his team, and is a direct proponent to why they have achieved success in the way they have. And now, he is representing his team as a bonafide dirtbag who has earned every corner, every mud ladened turned, and every off camber section, and a completely solid Category 2 CX racer who is turning heads and surprising people in his newfound success.

Surprising everyone but me. Luke Seeman isn’t a cyclocross miracle. He is a bonafide hard working racer who has paid his dues and has practiced what he has learned throughout five years of proven results and is a model of excellence for the cycling community. The amount of contribution he has dedicated of himself to the sport, to his friends, to the city, and to the region – are tantamount and equal to the well deserved success he has achieved.

Luke is our friend and one for whom the bonebell tolls for achieving a great success this year in cyclocross. He’s a dirtbag in our books; and he can only further his success the way he has been all along, silently, committed, and inspired by his fans. Steve Tilford has nothing on Luke Seeman.

Congrats on your Masters 30+ win at Woodstock!

Photo Credit: Tipping Point Photography

  1. joeyTWOwheels on Thursday 10, 2011

    Hear, MF’in, hear. Nice read about a really great person. Congrats on hte win, Luke!

  2. VerdigrisTim on Thursday 10, 2011

    Nice article and a big congrats to Luke. I was able to witness it personally on his well timed counterattack of me on the last lap at Woodstock. Congrats on the win Luke – you raced really well.


  3. Al Thom on Thursday 10, 2011

    nice words – great result – congrats, Luke!