Howdy folks!  I’m a stand-in writer for what will be a glorified yelp review in the stead for our regular Food n Brew correspondent DaDoubleG, aka Greg Heck, who was at home experiencing Jens factor hors categorie vomiting due to an errant stomach bug.

Continuing in the tradition of cycling plus good food and brew, the 2011 Bonebell crew met up at the new West Town gastropub Frontier.  Now those of you who know me are saying “Gastropub? Aren’t you a vegetarian, Amy?”  To that I say (1) Greg chose this location prior to his unfortunate malady and (2) I’m not really a vegetarian (I eat fish).  However, Frontier surprisingly had several veggie-friendly options, one of which I selected.

Here's a picture of us looking quite austere shortly after the food arrived.

With the whole Bb crew in attendance (minus Greg, plus one Alicia Norton) we sampled a large portion of the game-heavy menu without duplication.  Being of Michigan descent, Brian chose the blackberry BBQ rabbit and most enjoyed the succotash garnish.  Amy D experimented with the wild boar strip loin which came with a tasty sweet potato puree with homemade marshmallow on top!  Dave selected the vension cheesesteak which he thought both looked and tasted delicious.  Alicia chose the black angus burger which she said was a bit bland, and the fries that came with her meal and Dave’s were extra salty to which Dave made some strange reference about the deer in his vension meal having ingesting a salt lick… you know, one of those “stuff Dave says” references.  Julia got the ahi tuna sandwich that keenly reminded her about the painful powers of wasabi.  Paolo had eaten ahead of time so stuck to a “liquid diet” of Makers Mark and water.  And I selected the goat cheese & beet salad – love panko crusted goat cheese and the roasted beets were flavorful.

On to the beers… I got the Firestone Walker’s Reserve stout (tasty), Alicia the Two Brothers Domaine Dupage, and I forgot what everyone else was drinking.  But we did notice that their menu stated that Bell’s Oberon is 8% alcohol to which we all agreed was incorrect.  So we turned it into a contest about who could guess the closest to the actual alcohol content of Oberon and Brian won within 0.1%… actual content being 5.8%.

But the best part of our night by far was the fellowship and conversation. Topics included: local trails (duh), recent and upcoming races (double duh), the website (of course), a secret new Bonebell frame (oooh!), kidney transplants, the possibility for Bb skinsuits (if you are interested, reply to this post), advancements in prosthetics, cussing on the Bb Twitter site versus keeping it clean on Facebook, and the best butts in WORS.

Yep, good friends, good food, good beer – good times!

  1. Michael Young on Thursday 2, 2011

    My good friend Joshua Leggatt works at Frontier. Its a nice place when its not full of d-bags. Ive never eaten there though, just drinks.