Spring is in the air – and so are all these roadie inspired training camps popping up all over the country with organized cycling clubs heading to warmer destinations and elevation gains. So to salute the efforts of the shaved legged buddies, we’ll salute them with a long ride to a beer palace. Dirtbags will give it a go for the longest ride of the year for most of them and top off the fuel tanks with ale and pub food before jamming back to Chicago – that’s how we roll!

NOTE: The clocks roll forward this weekend!

3 Floyds Ride – Sunday, March 13
This little ride is inspired by the dirtbag behind Carbo Rocket who has been missing the wondrous singletrack from the West Coast. We’re happy to have him in Chicago, and Brad Keyes is true to the dirtbag spirit, by offering up some company in the crusade to the crazy hopmasters that are known around the country as 3 Floyds. All are welcome to join – but do please note some of the finer points below lest you get in over your head, we want some safe riding, fun times, and self reliance.

Meetup time is 9:00AM sharp at 63rd and the lakefront bike path, essentially Jackson Park. There is plenty of paid parking available at the park parking lot so you can leave your car there if you’re coming in from out of the city if you’re not wanting extra miles riding to meet the group.

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We will head southbound heading to the brewery in Munster, IN by way of the south shore route that will guide us along the lake and then south towards Munster. The mileage is about 20-30 miles from Jackson Park depending on our route. We don’t expect to hammer, it’s an endurance paced ride, but since everybody’s fitness level will vary – we will do our best to keep the group together. Expect endurance pace to be about 16-18 mph averages. We highly recommend that you consider a cross bike with low tread or road tires entirely for maximum efficiency, if you do ride knobs whether cross or MTB, just be mindful of the pacing we’re attempting to hold. Safety is in numbers and since this ride is open to anyone who’d like to join – please be very prepared to be self sufficient as much as possible! If you haven’t ridden longer than 30 miles before – this may not be the ride to start out with, with the pace and the distance of this ride – expect a 4-6 hour excursion which will include the lunch stop at 3 Floyds.

    Bring – Sufficient nutrition and hydration, identification card, credit/debit card, some small cash, at least two tubes, a frame pump or CO2 pump, tire levers, and good attitude.

The weather is looking to be really favorable to sunny skies with highs in the high 30s to low 40s – perfect considering it may not be raining at all! This will be a very social ride with a great way to get in some long endurance miles and get to know your fellow dirtbags. When we share our toast at the brewery we’ll do so in honor of all dirtbags who couldn’t make it there with us!

Other Rides
Here’s a nice write-up about the recent experience at the Women’s Weekend at Ray’s by Bonebell friend Regina Campbell.

Bonebeller Amy Weik got a HOT new double squish ride – but we’ll let her fill you in on the details!

Bike Thefts
Bike thefts make us want to throw our beer – and we love beer, and we would prefer not to ever throw it – so that means it makes us super angry, like hulk. There has been a rash of bike thefts almost weekly and our friends feeds on the googles light up with the sad news about stolen bikes. Be careful out there and invest some more time and security to keep your rig locked up, because thieves are getting downright vicious in taking a bike. Despite all the bad news of sad bike thefts, it’s always an elated occasion to read about someone’s good fortune to get their bike back – as was the recent case of friend of The Bonebell, Julie Hochstadter one of the great minds behind The Chainlink. She had her bike stolen on Friday while at work, and it was wonderfully retrieved on Sunday at a Swap-O-Rama on Ashland Ave. It’s unfortunate that the cycle of the theft will always continue and that our vigilance for our bikes is only matched by the vigilance of our friends and our wonderful dirtbag community to keep our eyes open for each other. If only all tales would end as happily as Julie’s.

Aye Carumba!
Seriously – beautiful blend of skill, trials, intuition, and straight up dirtbaggin’ – our fave part – notice how well he gauges the slide of his rear wheel on a dusty rock top when he lands and twists it. That is the ultimate flow.

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