Over the years I have realized that there seems to a close relationship between cyclist and a love of food and drink. For me personally I ride a bike partially so I can have a beer or two, or an extra taco, without feeling guilty. And living in Chicago, we are, in my opinion, second to none when it comes to food and drink options. So for the Bonebell I have been asked to highlight some of the vast and amazing options we have in Chicago. These articles will be me highlighting things that I like, and not necessarily reviews with me pointing out the bad, as I personally don’t think I am qualified to do that. I also probably won’t be using fancy descriptions for what I like, just if I like it, hopefully you will feel the same. If you go somewhere and you don’t like it, you can tell me the next time you see me on the dirt or road.

To start off the new column, I thought I would start off with a new kid on the block, Haymarket Brewery. Haymarket Brewery opened the end of December, and is located at the corner of Randolph and Halsted in the West Loop, just across from Mox Multisport. The Brewmaster is Pete Crowley who has worked at Rock Bottom for over 14 years. After a few weeks getting their production going, they now have their own brews flowing. They plan to specialize in Belgian and American styles of beer, i.e lots of hops, and in the near future will have several barrel aged beers, with the brew spending time in Woodford Reserve barrels.
While watching the Bears demise at the hands of the Packers, I passed the time sampling their beers. With 4 oz samples at $1.50 to $2.50 it was easy to try them all. As of now they have 6 or 7 of their own available (plan to have 12+), not including the 20+ beer from other breweries they have on tap. Their beers included a Belgian IPA, Belgian Dubbel, American Pale Ale, American IPA, Belgian IPA, Pilsner and an Imperial IPA. There was not a bad one in the bunch with my favorite being the Imperial IPA. The Imperial IPA is definitely a silent assassin that could easily put a flyweight climber down in a hurry. At 10% abv it is their strongest beer, but somehow they were able to make this beer without the normal strong alcohol taste you sometimes get from high abv beers. While we watched the game we had a lady come up to the bar and ask for a Sam Adams. The bartender politely let her know that they didn’t serve Sam Adams, and gave her several beers to try. She ended up settling on the Imperial IPA. The bartender was also nice enough to let her know that this beer could sneak up on her quickly and to take at easy with this one. These are definitely good words to heed.

Haymarket also have a pretty decent bar food menu, and plenty of TV’s for watching games. Definitely worth checking out and the type of place that the West Loop was missing.

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