What’s that? You’re cold and the rides are getting chillier than you like? You can’t stand the cold temperatures? Well, you my friend need a cycling jacket. Not just any cycling jacket, you need one that looks pimpin’ in colors that will make a South American Macaw blush. Warmer riders make happy winter riders – and we want to help you do just that, stay warm on the trails, in the parks, and everywhere you go.

The Bonebell Store is open again for a very limited time – closing on Friday, November 26th at Midnight for the ordering of two versions of cyclerific jackets. One version is the Entropa, a lightweight windblocker jacket that is perfect for placing over multiple layers and using it as your windblocking source while keeping your core warm inside while the frigid wind is kept out – this piece is usable from 40-60 degrees so it can go through the springtime.

The Warsaw is the heavyweight winter jacket that requires little layering underneath as it will keep your core super warm in the coldest temperatures. With the right base layer, such as a fine merino wool base layer or similar, you could get away with just wearing that base layer with just this jacket on top down to sub 30 degree temperatures!

We are told by Verge that we can get this order in less than 4 weeks from the time that we place the order – we want to promptly place that order on Monday, November 29th for delivery well before the Christmas holiday. So it would make a great gift for your cycling loved ones!

Thank you as always for your support and demand for this kind of idea – we’re glad you want to rock the colors out!

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