Living in Chicago we are lucky enough to have three weekends of national caliber cyclocross racing within a 6 hour drive of the loop.   Two of these weekends are part of the national series knowns as the USGP Cyclocross Series.  The events are are hosted in Madison, WI and Louisville, KY, taking place on September 25th and 26th, and October 23rd and 24th, respectively.   These weekends are a ton of fun.  The courses are difficult, the fields deep, and after you are done racing getting to watch the pros battle it out while drinking a beer just adds to to the experience   The third race weekend is the UCI Cincinnati Cyclocross Festival, and is a 3 day race weekend, with racing starting on Friday, October 8th.   This event has UCI points for the big boy and girls, and has big fields and tough course for us mere mortals.

With the big events getting registered early is crucial.  Starting position for most categories is based on order of registration, and having been late to the registration line in the past I can tell you that it can be really frustrating to be 50 yards behind the leader before the race is even ten seconds old.  Registrations has already opened for all of these events, but it is still possible to get a descent position on the starting grid.  If you have any thoughts of attending these races, don’t hesitate and get registered now!!!

USGP Cyclocross

UCI Cincinnati Cyclocross Festival

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