Oh great day. What a way to end a long week with this news. The fine folks at CAMBR West and ‘The Garden Crew’ have worked diligently and painstakingly with the Chicago Park District to come up with an agreement to make Chicago’s first bike specific dirt playground.

Congratulations to CAMBR and to ‘The Garden Crew’ for making this a reality for Chicago. Seriously – this is great news and just the beginning for seriously good dirt happenings for the City of Chicago.

Many of the Chicago northside locals have known about the simple dirt jumps behind Lane Technical High School since the early ’80s. Every serious dirtbagger who grew up on BMX in Chicago in the ’80s has attempted some boneheaded move well beyond our skill level behind that high school. Bruised ribs, cracked frames, and scarred elbows have emerged from this quaint plot of land conveniently nestled from the view of a busy Chicago boulevard, the busy strip malls and old DMV stations of yore. It was a great place to have known about and ridden on in the past 20 years. Then – a new crew came to town, and said, guys, gals, let’s clean this up and claim it. They developed a great relationship with the nearby business’ and most importantly, the property owners. They cajoled their way into their good graces and led by example and kept the riff raff out and proved that ‘The Garden’ is a bonafide locale for good times of the healthy kind. Dirt jumpin’ is how many a 10 year old learned to be invincible on a bike – we applaud the crew that made it possible to look forward to our kids doing the same thing we did, in Chicago no less, now and hopefully for a long time to come.

Thank You.

This video is by Ted Blanco – a giant proponent to making this all happen. Thank you bud, and I’m sure we’ll catch you at the party to say thanks to the entire crew!

  1. Naperville Accountant Guy on Friday 5, 2010

    Too old for this now but this was definitely me in the 80’s!