Jerry is gone – Jerry was my commuter/cross racer/century killer all wrapped into one.  He was a Surly Crosscheck in that muted dark red color.  I have had Jerry for 5 years and had racked up until now, about 9,000 miles on him.  He was named Jerry because of a Misfits sticker that was on his seat tube for Jerry Only of the Misfits – it was a moniker that stuck with it since it was 1st built 5 years ago.  He was my ghost machine for my cycling adventures.  Jerry is gone is because someone has taken advantage of my good nature and decided to come up to my porch and take him away from me.  Yes, he was stolen on Friday, June 14th between the hours of 6:45AM and 6PM from my back porch.  The irony is that it was the bike to work rally downtown and I didn’t ride that day because I had a lot going on during the week and was physically just tired – so I took a day off from riding, go figure.

To the prick who walked away with a fabulous ride – Jerry is a son of a bitch.  He loves riding hard and gets really pissy when you neglect him.  You damn well better ride him or however you part my friend, the parts better serve the unsuspecting buyer of the stolen goods that they contain some spirit of El Maya with them.  To you my fine thief, I can only wish you much misfortune and the threat of my mayan ancestry to decimate your kneecaps or a fitting circumstance in which you are riding Jerry straight into danger with no helmet.  If your need is so bad that you must steal – then so be it.  Its just a material possession for me, and though I will mourn the great memories that Jerry had given me – just know that you have damned yourself to some serious crappy luck for that is how this Bonebeller rolls, with Mayan fury.

Jerry I miss you – my friends miss you, and my family misses you.  We know that you will inflict pain on the bastards that stole you – go get ’em Jerry.  Show them no mercy.

xXx Racing Sherman Park Crit – The dirt has been off limits for so long that I’ve been resorting to evil means of getting my racing ya yas on.  I raced my 1st crit in 2 years with the xXx Racing brew at Sherman Park.  I spiffed up my Kelly and we headed south with Stigity and his ferrari ride for a shared racing experience.  We both line up for the Masters 30+40+ race – and I’m glad I did.  I felt very strong and had it not been for an unfortunately timed attack, I probably could have fared worlds better – but in the end, I did do what I’ve always wanted to do in a road race and that is be the guy up in front pulling the entire field.  It felt great and the experience was wonderful.  I took the pull at 3 laps to go and I had plenty of fuel to burn for the pull, but the group behind me was not apt to helping the pull out to create a formal break so I bled back into the pack only to struggle holding on a new pace being formed for the final two laps.  I was still stoked and was happy that my legs were strong for the entire race.  Stigity threw some compliments my way after the race and I felt happy to hear that I look effortless when flying near the 30 mph mark.  Its not me – its the Kelly.  She will miss Jerry too – I think she did it for him.

Father’s Day – Happy Father’s Day to the daddies out there.  Relax the spin today and reflect on a hard week for the Chicago bicycling community and see how we can protect our kids from the attitudes and behaviour of the folks out there that don’t respect the simplicity of a bicycle on the street.  A father lost a son earlier in the week.  Another, heard bad news about an accident and a son in the hospital.  These are news stories we don’t want to hear from our children.  It’s a new week ahead and the challenge never ends – don’t give up on riding and don’t give up on people who are fearful of riding in the city.  Coach, encourage, inspire, and combine the efforts of all our friends out there.  We all wish for safe cycling.

Jerry – this is for you – treat the thief with evil, and bring them hell.  Thank you for 5 years of awesome riding, you truly were loyal to me.

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  1. julie on Sunday 15, 2008

    hahaha. didn’t know if you’d admit to your on-road shenanegans on this here dirt blog. way to surprise us all.

  2. meshberg on Sunday 15, 2008

    I’m crying.

  3. Chris on Sunday 15, 2008

    Sorry for your loss of Jerry. He sounds like he was a good bike and did you right. It’s always sad when someone takes something from you. I’ll be wishing a lifetime of toe fungus and chronic nosebleeds to the rat bastard who stole him from you.

    Hoping you had a great Father’s Day still 😀